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As much as we love making kitchens: You are important to us, because you will spend a lot of time in our kitchen. That's why we want to understand what you need and want and where all your nooks and crannies are. Because as soon as we know you, we can show you what our strengths are: planning a smart kitchen perfectly tailored to you. We are guided by the minimax principle: You get the maximum in terms of kitchen design with minimal cost and installation overheads.


You want as much convenience as possible and short distances? And everything should be ready to hand? Not a problem! We have a few smart ideas up our sleeves.

Ingenious storage solutions

Ingenious storage solutions. Maximise the limited storage space by using sophisticated organisationsolutions.

The pull-out larder. Everything here is organised, space-saving and easy to access.


Don't forget about drawers! Drawers are great storage solutions for small kitchens because they keep utensils safe without taking up too much space.

A compact waste-sorting solution keeps the kitchen tidy.

A kitchen full of life

Kitchens let you add truly individual touches. Airy shelves for herbs,
cookbooks or your favourite bowl from Mallorca create a casual atmosphere.

Storage space

Taking the time to plan the kitchen carefully pays off in relaxed workflows and clear organisation.


Indirect illumination from an LED strip behind the wall cabinet creates a cosy atmosphere. Down-lights not only deliver the perfect working light when chopping and cooking, they also add atmospheric light accents.

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