Frequently asked questions

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Can I buy a kitchen directly from pino?

We sell our products exclusively through furniture and kitchen shops. Your kitchen salesperson is your most important contact person on your way to a new pino kitchen.

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How do I find a contact person near me?

We recommend that you use our retailer search function.

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Can I order units in any size?

We manufacture our furniture based on a grid system, which allows us to come up with clever solutions for practically any space. Your kitchen salesperson will be happy to advise you on how you can tailor your new kitchen to your home.

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Can I order front panels or other parts individually?

Yes, you can purchase individual front panels and parts, provided they are part of the current product range. Your kitchen salesperson will be happy to advise you.

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How quickly will my pino kitchen be delivered?

We generally deliver your kitchen within 2 to 3 weeks of ordering. Just talk to your kitchen salesperson and make an appointment for as soon as possible.

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I have an older pino kitchen. Is it still possible to buy parts for it?

You can find our current range under components. If you can't find the colours you are looking for there, please contact us directly. We'll do our best to help you.

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I have a complaint. Who do I talk to about it?

Please get in touch with your kitchen salesperson. They will pass on your concern to us and we will take care of it immediately.

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One of the kitchen appliances is not working properly. Who do I talk to?

In this case, please contact the customer service of the manufacturer of the appliance. You can find the contact details on the warranty card.

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Where do I find the hanging rails for my wall units?

Once you have unpacked your new pino kitchen, please remove the bottoms of the compartments of the wall units. The wooden hanging rails are underneath.

Do you have any more questions? Please do not hesitate to call us:
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Or send us an email.

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