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Ansicht pino Küche PN 210
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A timeless masterpiece

Welcome to this timeless masterpiece! The PN 210 L-shaped kitchen unites classic elegance and modern functionality to enrich your culinary journey with enjoyment. Discover a kitchen that brightens your everyday with its symbiosis of aesthetics and quality. Welcome to the PN 210 L-shaped kitchen – the heart of your home!

PN 210

  • Front
    • 691 Alpine white super matt
  • Body
    • 750 White
  • Worktop
    • 849 Pietra grey marble
  • Electrical appliances
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Create a timelessly elegant kitchen that accentuates your own individuality.

Detailansicht 3 pino Küche PN 210

Special feature
Exclusive features

The PN 210 L-shaped kitchen is a timeless masterpiece that boasts an impressive range of exclusive features. Designed with rounded edges, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts soften the aesthetics and integrate seamlessly with the classic elegance of this kitchen. Made from hard-wearing lacquer laminate with a matt finish, the fronts are not only extremely durable, but also add a beautiful air of timeless charm. Ornate details add the perfect finishing touch to the design, resulting in a harmonious equilibrium between form and function.

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Detailansicht 6 pino Küche PN 210


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