Industrial charm with contemporary sophistication

Ansicht pino Küche PN 200
Detailansicht 1 pino Küche PN 200

Modern loft aesthetics

Welcome to true urban vibes! The PN 105 galley kitchen combines industrial charm and modern elegance, creating an upbeat loft-style design with both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence. This is where meals are prepared and people come together. Discover a kitchen that epitomises your lifestyle and takes you on new culinary adventures.

PN 200

  • Front
    • 675 Agate grey
    • 666 Antique rose
    • 668 Pastel blue
  • Body
    • 842 Graphite
  • Worktop
    • 852 Black concrete
  • Electrical appliances
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Create an urban loft style using metal features and rustic accessories.

Detailansicht 3 pino Küche PN 200

Special feature
Elegant. Practical. Black.

The PN 105 galley kitchen features a stunning worktop in Black concrete. This makes a particularly striking statement in the kitchen, while also being remarkably durable and functional. The worktop is the absolute highlight of your modern loft-style kitchen, which boasts as much aesthetic appeal as it does practical features.

Detailansicht 4 pino Küche PN 200
Detailansicht 5 pino Küche PN 200
Detailansicht 6 pino Küche PN 200


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